Darts trainer boards for improving your game

Darts practice boards have been growing in popularity since Nodor first released their half the size double and treble board. DartsPal took a look into some of the latest trainer boards available.

One80 Dot Trainer

The One80 dot trainer is straight forward yet fantastic for improving your game. Ever seen tic-tac or similar placed in the middle of the treble 20?

By simple having circular targets on each bed on the dartboard you will find you focus so much more trying to hit the smaller targets. 

Another benefit to the training board is that the dots are in the center of each bed which will allow you to practice keeping in a straight line. You will find you start to hit the 5 and 1 bed much less often when aiming for the 20.

When the big match comes around your focus should have improved and you will have a much bigger bed to aim for.

The One80 trainer board is available to buy here.


Eclipse HD Trainer Dartboard

Unicorn now have their own half the size treble and double dartboard.

The logic behind this board is simple, become good hitting your trebles and doubles with smaller targets, when game time comes around the targets are going to look huge! I really like the idea behind these boards, however, I feel once I go back to a normal board I lose that extra focus I had gained when trying to hit the smaller targets and I go back to normal pretty quick.

A good idea would be to throw on one of these boards for an hour before you go out to a league game or competition when the thought of hitting your targets on the trainer board is still firmly in your mind.

You can buy the Eclipse HD Trainer board from here


Darts Practice Rings

Not a dartboard but practice rings have been growing in popularity in recent years. A new brand of practice rings

The logic behind practice rings is different to the two trainer boards we have looked at in that you have a larger target to aim for rather than smaller. The rings are placed over a treble or double with the intention of helping you to group your darts closer together. Sometimes when the trebles are not flowing as good as they usually do, a slightly larger target will help you to build your confidence and start grouping your darts closely together.

The Peter Wright Practice Rings are available to buy from here


Do you know of any other practice boards on the market? Let us know in the comment box below!


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